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Black Death Rides Again Halloween Fascinator

Death, with a scythe and two rats on chains,in front of a mound of skulls and black feathers

Chiroptera Halloween Fascinator

An orange and purple fascinator with moving bats and eyeballs, with netting detail.

'Let's make this precious'

A 7" record made into a fascinator. Decorated with white netting, feathers and butterfly. Worn with an elastic.

Severed Hand Halloween Fascinator

A gory severed hand sits atop dark velvet, with 'merry widow' netting that covers the eyes.

'Temptation' Halloween Fascinator

A green snake coiled around a sparkling red apple. Will you be tempted?

The Widow's Familiar Halloween Fascinator

Grey fascinator with lillies, frog, eyeballs and netting.
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