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Light-up Venetian style Masquerade Mask

A long-nosed half-face mask decorated with multi-coloured lights and feathers.

This spactacular mask is attention grabbing to say the least! The brightly coloured feathered fringe adds height and drama, and the flashing, multi-coloured lights certainly draw the eye.

The lights can also be set to steady-on or off by a simple press of a button on the battery pack, which is cleverly concealed within the over-long nose. The battery pack is also easily removed to change the batteries and firmly held in place with velcro.

The battery powered LED lights will last for many hours, and the small batteries are easily found and replaced.

other colours of feathers and lights are available on commission.

Picture of Light-up Venetian style Masquerade Mask
Light-up Venetian style Masquerade Mask
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