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'Cocktail Shots' light-up cocktail fascinator

This bespoke light-up fascinator has a trio of solid resin cocktail shots framed in blue and green netting.

'Ska Helmet' light-up vintage hat

This vintage pith helmet has been painted black and gold and fitted with a double string of amber LED lights.

Cursed Treasure Halloween Fascinator

A grey skull site atop a mound of treasure, with flickering candles on either side.

Drinks with Death Halloween Fascinator

With a skeleton sprawled across a red velvet base and a light-up brain, this is a conversation starter!

Haunted Graveyard Halloween Fascinator

A miniature, highly detailed graveyard with a light-up tower behind.

Miss Muffet's Nightmare Halloween Fascinator

A colour-changing, light-up spider on top of a large circle of green netting.

Voodoo King Top Hat

A vintage top-hat with light-up eyeballs and bloody, severed fingers.

Zombie Cocktails and Crudites Halloween Fascinator

Lots of UV reactive elements on this elegant yet disturbing fascinator.

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