made with the younger person in mind. Also available on commission.

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Miss Muffet's Nightmare Halloween Fascinator

A colour-changing, light-up spider on top of a large circle of green netting.

Pink Glitter-Skull Halloween headband

Metal headband with a Pink glitter-skull on a silver 'pow' beackground.

Severed Hand Halloween Fascinator

A gory severed hand sits atop dark velvet, with 'merry widow' netting that covers the eyes.

'Spider Castle' Halloween Fascinator

Decorated with light up castle and black/glow in the dark spiders.

'Tarantula in Orange' Halloween Fascinator

An orange mini-hat decorated with black web-print material and an artificial tarantula Attaches with a thin elastic headband.

'Temptation' Halloween Fascinator

A green snake coiled around a sparkling red apple. Will you be tempted?

The Widow's Familiar Halloween Fascinator

Grey fascinator with lillies, frog, eyeballs and netting.

Voodoo King Top Hat

A vintage top-hat with light-up eyeballs and bloody, severed fingers.

Zombie Cocktails and Crudites Halloween Fascinator

Lots of UV reactive elements on this elegant yet disturbing fascinator.

'Aliana' wedding fascinator mini hat

A charming miniature top-hat with 'Aliana the spring fairy' perched on the top. Also decorated with beautiful feathers and ribbon detail.

'Haunted House' Halloween Fascinator

A quirky Halloween themed fascinator with netting and a light-up haunted house, with monsters and wind-up teeth.


A miniature top-hat deorated with a beautiful purple fairy.

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