made with the younger person in mind. Also available on commission.

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'Love' positive hatitude

A mini top hat 'positive hatitude' decorated in red with a 'Love' heart and feathers.

Red Fairy Circlet

A Fairy circlet created for the young bridesmaid.
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An Unfortunate End Halloween Fascinator

A skeleton lies amongst red flowers, with spiders, an eye and an evil potion.

'Arachnaphobia' Halloween Fascinator

Green base with a grey Tarantula and a swarm of smaller spiders.

'Black Death' Halloween Fascinator

Death, with a scythe and two rats on chains, doesn't get more halloween than that!

Black Death Rides Again Halloween Fascinator

Death, with a scythe and two rats on chains,in front of a mound of skulls and black feathers

Chiroptera Halloween Fascinator

An orange and purple fascinator with moving bats and eyeballs, with netting detail.

Creepy-Crawly Halloween Hair-Piece

An insect infested, yellow clip on hair piece

Cursed Treasure Halloween Fascinator

A grey skull site atop a mound of treasure, with flickering candles on either side.

Drinks with Death Halloween Fascinator

With a skeleton sprawled across a red velvet base and a light-up brain, this is a conversation starter!

Haunted Graveyard Halloween Fascinator

A miniature, highly detailed graveyard with a light-up tower behind.

'Insect Hat' Halloween Fascinator

An orange mini-hat decorated with Grasshopper, Ladybird and small Spiders. Also with green ribbon detail. Attaches with a thin elastic headband.

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