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All the fingers in all the pies- 14 July 2016

What I love most about my work is that I am constantly creating new work and exploring new ideas. It is is this love of originality that causes me to continue to create one-off pieces, rather than to mass produce a few key designs.

I also really enjoy helping people to express and celebrate their own unique personality and I always feel very honoured to create pieces for special events and performances.

Festivals are a wonderful environment for a creative soul such as myself and I find them both inspiring and very entertaining. I love the music, colours, happy faces and plethora of entertainment and diverse activities.

I am proud to announce that I will be part of the crew for Shambala festival this year - providing an interactive performance theatre piece entitled 'Le Codpiece Sportif'. Myself and a small crew will be organising codpiece jousting, where participants are invited to don a codpiece with a lance attachment and joust against each other in what will surely be a very humurous and slightly rediculous display of tom-foolery.

I will be updating this post with a link to our facebook page once that has launched, and if you are planning on attending Shambala, do please come along and join in, or just watch, as we transport you to a medieval spectacle of hilarious sportsmanship.

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