All the fingers in all the pies- 14 July 2016

What I love most about my work is that I am constantly creating new work and exploring new ideas. It is is this love of originality that causes me to continue to create one-off pieces, rather than to mass produce a few key designs.

I also really enjoy helping people to express and celebrate their own unique personality and I always feel very honoured to create pieces for special events and performances.

Festivals are a wonderful environment for a creative soul such as myself and I find them both inspiring and very entertaining. I love the music, colours, happy faces and plethora of entertainment and diverse activities.

I am proud to announce that I will be part of the crew for Shambala festival this year - providing an interactive performance theatre piece entitled 'Le Codpiece Sportif'. Myself and a small crew will be organising codpiece jousting, where participants are invited to don a codpiece with a lance attachment and joust against each other in what will surely be a very humurous and slightly rediculous display of tom-foolery.

I will be updating this post with a link to our facebook page once that has launched, and if you are planning on attending Shambala, do please come along and join in, or just watch, as we transport you to a medieval spectacle of hilarious sportsmanship.

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The death of Bowie and the celebration of individuality- 14 January 2016

This week the world has been rocked by the death of David Bowie. My facebook feed is full of friends who are genuinely bereft at his passing, and although most of them never met him, it is clear that he has touched the hearts of millions and for many it is like losing a dear friend. He has been described over and again as 'one of a kind' and he leaves a powerful legacy behind. Whether or not you are a fan of his music you can't help but admire the passion for self-expression that he brought to everything he did. Looking through images of him on the internet the variety of costumes, genres and styles is staggering. Here is someone who wasn't afraid to stand out. Someone who championed 'the freak' and in expressing his own quirkyness gave the whole world permission to do the same. And so, in the wake of his death I am moved to write this piece to say to you; celebrate your inner weirdo. Give yourself permission to explore your creativity, your individuality, your inner artist. Throw of the yoke of societal pressures to conform and just be you, be free!

And on that note, here are some of the quirkier costumes that I have created over the past year:

Psychadelic fascinators by Passionflower Creations

Solar System Fascinator by Passionflower Creations

Antler Fascinator by Passionflower Creations

Day of the Dead fascinators by Passionflower Creations

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Four years on and going strong- 21 October 2014

This blog is a chance for me to invite you to a little deeper into the inner workings of 'Passionflower Creations'. To let you peek into my glorified cupboard of a studio and share some of my creative process, my challenges and my joys.

It's been four years since I launched this business and sometimes I get frustrated at not being as strongly focussed on the business side of things as I like to be able to be, due to single-parenting my three children, but the creative side of things has been such a journey of joy and inspiration!

What I do feeds both of my passions. 

I am intensely interested in people. I've always believed in the celebration of individuality and I love that feeling of 'getting someone' and being able to capture that in a piece of art that somehow speaks to others about who the wearer is as an individual. That's priceless.

And I love the physical and mental process of creating art.  Playing with colour and form and texture makes me feel happy.  Creating beauty uplifts my spirit.  Solving the puzzle of composition by bringing often quite diverse elements together into a pleasing whole gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

'Dark side of the Moon' fascinator  rainbow shenanigans at shamballa 2013

'Dark Side of the Moon' inspired fascinator.

Created to wear to a music festival where me and a group of friends had agreed a co-ordinated rainbow dress-up theme.

'Vivre la France' fascinator  

'Vivre la France' fascinator with real snail shells and artificial garlic, made for a 'dress up as something French' party.

'Orangutan Bride' fascinator 

A commission for a wedding where the bride had been rescuing orangutans and the groom was a 'computer nerd' and they both loved bicycles. This one lights up and the base is a record!

'Foxy' fascinator  

A felted fox fascinator.

Hayley Burgess bespoke fascinator

This one was created from a list of my clients' interests and passions and includes a bespoke portrait on the bottle label.

I had such fun making all of these!

Now winter is looming and I am plotting lots of serious crafting.  I have lots of exciting ideas I'm keen to realise and I can't wait to get started on them.

close up of handmade resin 'shots' 

Resin 'shots' I made for cocktail themed fascinators.

I'm always open to exploring new ideas and would love to hear any suggestions for themes that people would like to see me explore, so please feel free to comment below or email me at

I'll be uploading tutorials onto the website soon, for those that like to make their own accessories, so do check back or like our Facebook page to keep updated on those.

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Venturing into the dark side- 25 September 2013

With the shift in season comes the promise of dark nights and the approach of Halloween. I love this time of year when all the trees put on their fiery colours and the early mornings are shrouded in mist. I relish also the opportunity to veer away from the elegance of summer wedding designs and indulge the quirkier, darker side of my creativity. As I begin to gather materials for making my Halloween range I find myself in possession of a gruesome aesthetic I didn't know I had. I become fascinated with the scope for morbidity and 'eugh' factor that Halloween offers.

This year I am planning some zombie appocalypse themed fascinators; grotesque severed limbs and illuminated brains.

I am also doing some insect infested hair pieces and lots of quirky, gothic and humourous fascinators with light-up or moving parts, as well as a few haunted houses.

As I sit, surrounded by plastic spiders, netting, and a witches cauldron full of freaky ingredients, I feel like a child in a sweet shop. Or, perhaps more accurately, Frankenstein in a mortuary!

And the best bit about wearing a Halloween fascinator? No more dressing up nightmares, the hat says it all for you!

Black Death Fascinator by Passionflower Creations

This was my 'Black Death' fascinator from last year's Halloween range.

'Severed Hand' fascinator

A severed hand, zombie-inspired fascinator. Gruesome yet elegant.

vodoo king top hat

Vodoo King top hat.

Orders for Halloween 2013 commissions need to be in by October 15th.

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Meet the maker- 18 December 2012

My name is Vashti, I'm in my 30s and a single parent to three amazing children, Salem, Caitlin and Irie. While they are at school or asleep I keep myself sane crafting my whimsical creations.

I've always loved beauty and colour and always been drawn to the unusual and quirky. I studied art at college and University, but never knew how to turn it into a career. In 2010 I undertook business training with the Princes Trust and started this little cottage industry with a small loan from them.

I'm hoping to find time to learn millinery in the future, but currently I am entirely self-taught in fascinator making. I have always hummed my own tune regarding fashion. Perhaps this is the reason my work stands out from the crowd?

I love my job. I get a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from the creation process and nothing is more exciting than seeing my customers looking fabulous wearing their 'Passionflower Creations'.

Vashti Mayne owner of Passionflower Creations

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